BBG – Pre-Training Week 1

I decided to start my BBG program this week.  I wanted to have more definition on my abs.  I stumbled upon this program on Instagram and after some research on it, I decided to give it a try for 16 weeks of resistance training, cardio training, and stretching.  I will try to post status updates per week and progress photos every other week.

  1. Monday: Legs and Cardio
  2. Tuesday: LISS (I chose to walk for 45 mins as my LISS training)
  3. Wednesday: Arms and Abs
  4. Thursday: LISS
  5. Friday: Optional full body workout with combination of different sets from Monday and Wednesday exercises.
  6. Saturday: LISS and Stretch

Each workout is a two different circuits repeated twice.  Each circuit consists of 4 exercises to be repeated as many as I can in 7 minutes.  So all in all, it should take about an hour with a min resting between circuits including warmup/cool down exercises.

Monday:  Wow, I didn’t know what I signed up for.  I got my ass (excuse my French) handed to me.  I remember wanting to quit half way.  I remember kept looking at the timer and wondered how 7 minutes seemed to last forever.  I thought about maybe do less this time and do more next Monday.  I remember QUITTING.  But I stayed with it until the end and I survived and I am glad I did not listen to the voices in my head telling me it was okay to QUIT.  The next couple days, my legs and my ass were sore so much I barely could sit or walk comfortably.  I was miserable but also was happy as I know the exercises worked.  No pain, no gain!!!!

Wednesday:  Today was Arms and Abs day.  Well ab exercises were a piece of cake as I had been doing quite a bit of abs exercises over the year.  I couldn’t say the same for arms exercises though.  I realized I didn’t have much upper body strength.  I couldn’t finish the half push ups (on knees) on the second circuit.  My arms were shaking and sore and I almost cried trying to lift the upper half of my body with my arms during second round.  Epic failed.  I found myself resting more and longer in between exercises.  There was another person in the gym at the same time.  He probably was wondering what kind of workout I did that had me laying flat on my tummy with arms extended in front of me (most of the times).  I remember cussing like a sailor quite a bit throughout this push ups exercise.

Friday: due to travel I had decided to skip today. 🙁

***Click here to find out more about BBG program***

St. Thomas

We entered the port at Crown Bay Marina, Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas from 10AM to 7PM. Once we docked, we decided to head into the city to do some early shopping before we explored St. John, our primary destination. From the marina, we caught a taxi into downtown for $7 per person to check out some of their upscale jewelry stores. St. Thomas is known not only for its beautiful, turquoise color beaches, and water sports activities such as snorkeling and sport-fishing, it is also a mecca for high-end jewelry shopping scene in the entire Caribbean. Who doesn’t like duty free shopping and no sales tax? The shopping area in town is also the historic district. Some of the stores are worth visiting just for the old architecture. Also there are bars and restaurants to fill the void. The stores in Crown Bay are satellites of the stores in downtown. Sadly the bad economy hit St. Thomas and some of the more popular stores closed by the port so that’s why we opted for downtown shopping. This picture was taken at dusk as we were leaving for St. Maarten.

Crown Bay Marina
Crown Bay Marina