BBG – Pre-Training Week 1

I decided to start my BBG program this week.  I wanted to have more definition on my abs.  I stumbled upon this program on Instagram and after some research on it, I decided to give it a try for 16 weeks of resistance training, cardio training, and stretching.  I will try to post status updates per week and progress photos every other week.

  1. Monday: Legs and Cardio
  2. Tuesday: LISS (I chose to walk for 45 mins as my LISS training)
  3. Wednesday: Arms and Abs
  4. Thursday: LISS
  5. Friday: Optional full body workout with combination of different sets from Monday and Wednesday exercises.
  6. Saturday: LISS and Stretch

Each workout is a two different circuits repeated twice.  Each circuit consists of 4 exercises to be repeated as many as I can in 7 minutes.  So all in all, it should take about an hour with a min resting between circuits including warmup/cool down exercises.

Monday:  Wow, I didn’t know what I signed up for.  I got my ass (excuse my French) handed to me.  I remember wanting to quit half way.  I remember kept looking at the timer and wondered how 7 minutes seemed to last forever.  I thought about maybe do less this time and do more next Monday.  I remember QUITTING.  But I stayed with it until the end and I survived and I am glad I did not listen to the voices in my head telling me it was okay to QUIT.  The next couple days, my legs and my ass were sore so much I barely could sit or walk comfortably.  I was miserable but also was happy as I know the exercises worked.  No pain, no gain!!!!

Wednesday:  Today was Arms and Abs day.  Well ab exercises were a piece of cake as I had been doing quite a bit of abs exercises over the year.  I couldn’t say the same for arms exercises though.  I realized I didn’t have much upper body strength.  I couldn’t finish the half push ups (on knees) on the second circuit.  My arms were shaking and sore and I almost cried trying to lift the upper half of my body with my arms during second round.  Epic failed.  I found myself resting more and longer in between exercises.  There was another person in the gym at the same time.  He probably was wondering what kind of workout I did that had me laying flat on my tummy with arms extended in front of me (most of the times).  I remember cussing like a sailor quite a bit throughout this push ups exercise.

Friday: due to travel I had decided to skip today. 🙁

***Click here to find out more about BBG program***

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