La Habana, Cuba

Since I was a little girl, Havana had always been my dream destination to visit.  Don’t I have some stories to tell.  Big kudos to my traveling sister, Mira, who had made my trip a lot more pleasant and enjoyable.  She knows the town and speaks the language; she’s the best travel partner to have!!!! ☺️

Day 1:  Landed in Havana around 7:30PM on a Sunday night.  I had arranged for a taxi through my airBnB host to be safe.  An hour later, I arrived at the AirBnB house we rented and met up with Mira.  We went for late night dinner in a nearby restaurant and walked around by the capitol for some pictures.  We met a local person who took us to a club for some live music and drinks.  The place was small and HOT.  There was no AC.  After a few days in Havana, I realized that most place do not have AC inside.  So do dress light or with fabric that absorbs sweat s.a cotton.


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